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Tune-up Packages

Bike Service


Level 1 Tune-Up
Level 2 Tune-Up
Level 3 Tune-Up
Recommended every 6 months  
Includes: Shifter and derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments, cable lube, spot wheel true, bearing adjustment (headset, hubs, and bottom bracket), frame wipe down, and torquing of all bolts. Any additional part installation subject to labor charge.
Recommended Yearly
Includes: Standard Tune-Up PLUS all parts washed in ultrasonic drive train cleaner, wheels trued in truing stand, AND half-off labor for additional part installation.
Recommended every 4 years
Includes: Performance Tune-Up PLUS servicing or replacement (additional charge for replacement parts) of all major bearing systems (front and rear hubs, headset, and bottom bracket) and complete disassembly and rebuild of bike.

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